About us

We believe in a job well done, which is the main reason why over time we have developed in the light of professionalism and confidence, and we have become the perfect solution for those who are looking for a team in the field of Interior Design.


The fierce passions for Art and Beauty are the two considerations that led to the establishment of our company "Interior Design Style" and the desire to offer people projects that perfectly suit their tastes and personality, was the element that managed to perfectly combines the two.


We like new challenges, which test our creativity and imagination, and the proof of this lies in the fact that we have been involved in Architecture, Interior Design and Garden projects.


We find inspiration in everything around us and always adapt to new trends, but more than that, we want to offer solutions that reflect as much as possible the personality of our customers.


For more than 25 years we have been creating soul spaces,tasteful locations and we have accumulated a rich experience, which now allows us to say that we are suitable for the unique needs of every person who crosses the threshold of our company.

Courtney Henry
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Courtney Henry
Dog Trainer
Courtney Henry
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Courtney Henry
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Courtney Henry
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Courtney Henry
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12000 m2
Have been designed over the 20 years of the DecorStill.

Why us


Collaboration in an interior design project. The task of our designers is not only to make a beautiful project, and to take into account all the needs, individual characteristics and implementation of desires. Therefore, we offer our customers the opportunity to become co-authors of its interior!

Turnkey repairs

High quality turnkey repairs. Only professionals work in our company: designers, engineers, electricians, plumbers and other specialists who are familiar with all modern technologies and have a lot of experience. Repairs carried out under the supervision of the designer, designers and site managers.

Services completed

Turnkey dreams house. Thanks to our team of diverse professionals, we are ready to carry out the entire complex of construction works to transform your home into a comfortable living environment!


Saving money. The company "DECOR-STILL" has exclusive contracts with suppliers and manufacturers of construction materials, equipment, furniture, so by entrusting us with the purchase of everything needed for repairs, you can significantly save up to 25%!


Reliability and warranty. All the materials we use have quality certificates. The materials purchased through our company offer you the manufacturer's warranty. By investing in repairs and construction, we also offer a warranty of up to 5 years.

Save your time

Save time. We will take care of all repair issues, including coordination, as well as purchasing the necessary repair materials and delivery. You don't have to spend time in markets, construction stores and furniture salons - we do it for you!

Departure to the client

Our designers, Architects, will come to your object for measurement and consultation!


The personal delivery service will provide the materials and equipment for repairs in a timely manner.